Analytics or Not to Analytics: Can Talent Beat Technology?

The popularity of Analytics and BI tools has reached the pinnacle. They are everywhere in the market today. Every other day, some or the other BI software provider is in the news for various reasons that will inspire you to join the club. From raising a billion dollar in the financial year to acquiring new companies and hiring talent from local industries, it’s worth learning more about these.

Here are top most trending Business Analytics software trends you should learn about.

Analytics Talent Hunt is Sizzling the Job Market

By 2021, 75% of the large and mid-size companies would completely rely on Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms to upscale their growth and reputation.

Traditional CRM and Excel focused businesses would outsource their operations to BI and Data Analytics teams to generate relevant analytics on Customer Behavior, Market Dynamics, Social Media Branding, Finance and Audits, Risk Management and IT Operations.

There are hundreds of new-age Data Analytics functions and operations that need human expertise to manage their delivery. However, an analytics team would not be bigger than 5-6 members! That’s it.

Clearly, data scientists feel that there is a huge opportunity for people with the right talent and attitude to get their presence felt. That’s where Business Analytics Online courses are entrusted with bringing ‘Employability Quotient’ into the up-scale tech industry.

Green Field Market for Business Analytics: AI, NLP and Data Visualization

Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation (NLP – NLG) are all set to become the central technologies in every Business Analytics platform by 2021. Not just us, but even leading researchers agree with the fact that the roles of AI, Machine Learning and Data Visualization would outpace the current data scientists’ skills. We would need data scientists who can supervise over these new-age technology- in an unbiased, structured data management ecosystem.

Our verdict – It’s highly unlikely that we will see the 150,000 job positions closed by 2022 unless professionals and IT managers start taking Business Analytics Online courses.

Skills versus Technology: Don’t Compete; Cooperate

Competition and Cooperation with Technology and Humans would save the Business Analytics market from cannibalizing jobs. Yes, it’s true that AI would leave most jobs obsolete, but you would still need humans to run, deploy, manage and secure these machines.

I have listed some key skills that would help a Business Analytics professional to successfully transform and evolve with AI-centric times ahead.

These are:

  • Ability to analyze and build AI and Machine Learning capabilities for data modeling, data visualization and Data governance
  • Ability to combine multiple sources of Complex data
  • Ability to differentiate between structured, semi structured and unstructured data; bring them to structured side
  • Ability to design and build a BI tool of your own
  • Understand how data mash ups and embedded analytics work together

All these skills, combined with your knowledge and BI experience will reflect on how successfully you simply complex Analytics and BI workflows to enhance decision-making accuracy. Prepare for the next level of job race by leveraging technology as your launching pad.