All about the SAT exam and the value it holds.

The exam of SAT is recognized all over the world as an admission test. It lets high school students showcase their knowledge and depth over the subjects, in front of top colleges from all over the globe. SAT exam is an onset for the students to pursue their dream colleges once they have cleared the test. Usually, the students who currently study in the 11th or 12th grade are seen to take up this exam. However, some of the students go for the test when they are still in the 10th standard. The globally top colleges trust this exam, and the results hold a lot of value. So if you are willing to take this test, it is recommended to follow a professional guide who would lead to the success that you are seeking. If you live in Mumbai, go for the SAT classes in Mumbai and benefit yourself greatly.

On what basis the test is conducted?

The SAT is an exam for testing a student’s academic career and what knowledge has been acquired by him or her. Having a firm grip over the academic subjects might lead to a successful career in college, and later, in life.

  • The topics that are tested in the SAT exam are Mathematics, Analysing Capability, and Writing Skills.
  • The Math section consists of all the recognized topics that have been taught in high-school Mathematics like Geometry, Algebra, Statistics, and Arithmetic, etc.
  • The duration of the exam is limited to a total of three hours and forty-five minutes and is divided into several sections.
  • The marking system of the SAT exam is based on point scaling. In every section of the review, points obtained are in the range of 200-800. The maximum possible points scored in the exam is 2400.

Is there a limit for appearing in the exam?

The direct answer is no. There is no limit to appear for this exam, and in most cases, better performance is recorded for the students who give this test for the second time. However, the students must be known to the fact that there is no guarantee of scoring well every time they appear for the exam. They must be encouraged to pursue a reputed college and continue their higher education. This would save their precious time and might return good fortune.

The process of registration.

The registration processes for the SAT exam is conducted on the College Board website. There is, however, a deadline to register, which is approximately four weeks before the day of the exam. To give the test in a preferred location, it is advised to get over the registration process well in advance. For Indian students who are willing to sit for this exam, the cost for the SAT exam is under 100 USD. However, students must be having a valid passport to get permission to sit for the exam. Any discrepancy over this issue might result in the cancellation of the registration.

So, to chase the storm, it is high time for the students to start their preparations and for those who live in Mumbai, going for SAT classes in Mumbai is a must.