Web Design – Five Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Web users are fickle, callous creatures and they don’t care about you one bit. They don’t care how long your site took to design, how many bells or whistles you pulled to get it out there, and they certainly don’t care to waste any time on it if it fails to meet their high standards. What they do care about is whether your website will help them to achieve what they want to achieve quickly and without undue hassle.

With so many websites available at the click of a few buttons, first impressions can mean the difference between a score for you or for your competitors, so it’s important to make a good one. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

  • People are busy, so make sure your site isn’t – The most effective web designs are often the simplest, whereas sites that contain too much information are often an instant turn off. If you must have complexity, at least keep it ‘below the fold’.
  • Have a clear, intuitive navigation system – From the moment visitors arrive on your site they’re looking to take the next step towards their desired action (buying a product, finding a date, adopting a llama etc). Your aim should be to make it easy for them to take that step by making it very clear what this button or that button does.
  • Keep load times down – Not everyone has a super-duper-fibre-optic broadband connection, so make sure you’re not instantly losing out on customers by slowing their user experience to a crawl.
  • Be distinctive – If you visit six websites and five of them are doing the exact same thing, while one is trying something a little different, which one are you going to remember most?
  • Know thy audience – Chances are you’re targeting a specific niche audience who are interested in what you have to offer. If this is so then make sure your website design will appeal to them at a moment’s glance, and hang the rest. Attractive graphics and images can be a good way of making an instant connection.

As you can see a few minor changes to your website and a little bit of creativity could make all the difference to your visitors experience and your bottom line.  Speak to ustoday to discuss implementing some of the changes such as website accessibility that we have not covered in this article.  Making your website stand out from the crowd isn’t rocket science…but it could launch your business.