Wedding Planners in India: A golden opportunity

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners in India earn around Rs. 2 lakhs to around Rs. 6 lakhs and above, which also depends on the popularity and the expertise of the company. So, basically, the scale and budget of a wedding are decided by the venue chosen for the occasion.

People have this thinking that the wedding planners are always enormously expensive but in reality that is definitely not the case always as the cost entirely depends on the service you request. These wedding planners in India are hired on both days today service basis and full-service basis.

How to become a wedding planner?

Wedding planning is a phenomenal career and has a lot of future prospects as it opens doors for numerous avenues and opportunities but for that one has to be patient, determined and most essentially should have a thick skin. It takes some time for a tyro to adapt and get acquainted with this process of functioning and working and to get comfortable in working in this business but once one gets comfortable, it is just then a mere cakewalk for him or her.

In India, for being a good and successful wedding planner, people often take up and get themselves enrolled in various different training courses. These training courses for wedding planners can range straight from a day or two too a few months to get complete. This teaches professionalism and makes a wedding planner to become a more professional one. Such courses for wedding planners in India are very common and prominent and are a lot in demand for basically the reasons that, as along with being less expensive, they open amole of opportunities for individuals.

What does a wedding planner do?

The wedding planners in India do almost all the works whether it is about greeting the guests or taking care of the food and deciding the menu or looking after the costume and even maintaining the guest’s list and the decoration works. Indian weddings as we all know are not day celebration, rather it is a full lavish one, stretching to around a week or so.

As soon as the wedding season kicks off, the businesses depending solely on the wedding sector get the maximum benefits of the rising spending by their customer. As the economic condition of India and every Indian is improving, so is the spending on these extravagant weddings rising like never in the history of the nation. Wedding these days have become a very important status symbol and wealth in the country. This has led to a considerable increase in wedding services like catering, wedding planners, photography, makeup, jewelry, etc.

The increase in the demand for a lavish wedding and professional wedding planners in India is because of the growing middle class and a large number of the youth population, and not to forget, also the rapidly growing number of millionaires in the country.