Ways To Use Your Android Samsung Smartphone More Efficiently

Smartphones have become an important part of our life so much that they now stay with us wherever we go—which is everywhere. Especially when it is about Samsung phones which comes with soo many options. People are seen using their Samsung smartphones for taking photographs and selfies, texting or calling, playing games, reading articles, listening to music, checking their emails and notifications, and posting or commenting on various social networking websites. Which also led to increased demand for the Samsung repair center.

However, nowadays people are using their Samsung smartphones not just as a way of communicating, but also as a tool that has infinite usage. Here are some interesting ways that you can do with your smartphone.

  1. Measure your Heartbeat

Now there is no need to visit a hospital to get your heartbeat checked as there is one app is available on your Samsung smartphone. The camera of your phone joined with the flash into your device can measure a heart rate.

All you need to do is put your finger on the camera lens and turn the flash ON for a few seconds. The app will monitor your Heart Rate Plus and Instant Heart Rate, and can also read your pulse. This also can tell you with a count of your beats in a minute.

  1. Control other devices with infrared

You are sitting on your couch in front of the TV watching your live show and suddenly you want to turn the volume high, and the only gadget you have near is your smartphone. You would be a wonder to know that your smartphone can now control your TV. Now Samsung has launched its smartphones with an infra-red port. You are only required to set up your smartphone to make it able to control your TV or set-up box.

  1. Scan barcodes and QR-codes

While shopping, it would have happened that you wonder whether you are getting a genuine product or not. In such a state, again it will be your smartphone that can help you out. Simply pick it out, and point the camera at the barcode of the product. But remember your screen is not broken because it can show the wrong results, but the good news is that a cracked Samsung repair can be done.

Similarly, QR codes, the square-box codes that are mainly located on products to know the specific information, can be scanned from Samsung smartphone using a particular application.

  1. Translate languages

This is another astonishing use of the smartphone and its camera. There are many times when you encounter other languages that you have not heard of.

Now you just need to aim the camera of your smartphone at the text and the translator application will automatically translate that into the language of your choice. In-camera translation mode the app currently supports only 29 languages, there are many other languages it can translate in other modes such as handwriting, conversation, etc.

We hope this above information would benefit you and help you.