How To Minimize Piano Moving Cost

How To Minimize Piano Moving Cost

As jobs change and families grow, most of us have to move several times in our lives. It is optimal if the expense of a move can be compensated with financial gains from the sale of a house or a job promotion. However, for most of us, moving expenses are almost always taken out of our savings. What is the best way to minimize expenses and at the same time ensure that your things move safely?

Plan ahead. Do not wait until the last minute to find an interstate piano mover or rental truck if you are moving. It is better to organize how your things will move at least six weeks in advance. With an appropriate delivery time, you can make sure that the company has a good reputation and that the services provided are what you expect. While it may not be so necessary to reserve a rental truck six weeks in advance, a busy moving season will mean fewer trucks are available, so plan at least a few weeks beforehand. You will want to make sure you get the right sized truck for the physical space where the truck should be parked and for the volume of your belongings. Binding with a truck or piano moving equipment who size is large comparable to what is required can unnecessarily increase your expenditure in fuel and rental costs.

Choose the best time of the year. Although you may not have control over the time of year when you need to move, keep in mind that the most expensive times to move are school holidays and weekends and Sundays. If you have to move now, one day of the week may be less expensive than the weekend. Reserve your engines or trucks well in advance and try to negotiate if the quoted price is too high. Register a couple of times before the move-in date to make sure everything is in order with your reservation and all pending issues have been resolved.

Beware of rates. Do not assume that the moving company has informed you of all the possible additional fees. Try to think of some possible reason why the move does not go as planned and find out how that will affect the final outcome. Do you have any item that requires special treatment, such as additional mobile blankets for your protection? Is it possible that your things end up in storage if you do not reach your destination on time? Is there a large fixture or a piano that need special moving equipment? Is there sufficient space for parking in the course of move? Your moving company should ask you about the number of flights of stairs and the uncomfortable angles that will make movement difficult. The more you know, the fewer surprises you will be able to face later.

Have a moving plan. Sometimes, a need to move can arise quickly, which makes planning time impossible, but if you can do it, a little advance planning can help minimize the additional costs. Having to organize a last-minute service for something you forgot, such as works of art or large plants, can really increase your costs.