Fashion Statement of Concrete And Rubber Rolls

Fashion Statement of Concrete And Rubber Rolls

Concrete as we all are aware is tough and sturdy and that is why it is used in driveways, streets, basements, garages, patios etc for long years.  Concrete floor is not easily scratched and dented.  In present times concrete is stained, polished and itched to bring out the best pattern in them. In these formats they go with the décor of the room.  Concrete has great weight and only a structure engineer will advice where it can be laid out if the building is multi-storied.

If we consider rubber flooring rolls to be laid out on constructed floor these are environmentally friendly product.  These are created out of recycled rubber. Moreover, these are cost effective and has anti-skid quality.  Both concreate and rubber flooring rolls are easy to clean through household soaps. Rubber flooring rolls safeguard concrete, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum from use and destruction. Fall injuries are reduced as the grip of the feet is great.

Pros of concrete floors

Uncomplicated not high maintenance-To maintain concrete floor in its format all that is needed is protective sealed or waxed layer on it every few months. The traffic movement will decide it has to be done in 3 months or 9 months.  Sealed concrete keeps away dirt, spills, stains as well as pressure impacts. Mopping is enough to keep it clean. Occasionally stains can also be removed.

Beautification of concrete- Modern methods have given a new look to concrete which makes it appear rich and elegant.  Dye is added when concrete is still wet and huge range of colours can be made to the delight of the customers.  Surface of concrete is given therapy of stains through acid, paint etc. this finish brings are the beauty of the surface. Rubber stencils give it a wonderful texture. Dye treatment helps it imitate ceramic tiles, natural stone or brick. Colour texture and effects are possible now.

Warm floors-This is possible for fresh construction or slab on which concrete is added after electrical cables else hot water tubes are laid out. This keeps the floor warm in winters.

Adaptability-Concrete floors later when you wish for a change you have the liberty to install any other surface on it after underlayment.

Enduring- sealed and well-maintained concrete floor will exist for a long time. Even at commercial high traffic zone it withstands the handling for several decades.  This adds to saving of money and effort by the clients.

Cons of Concrete floors

Concrete is a hard surface and if you happen to slip you can get badly hurt. If an object falls it will be shattered or damaged.  Moreover, standing continuously on hard surface can tire you. Concrete floors feel cold in winters. Carpets and rugs can solve this problem.

If the concrete floor is not sealed appropriately moisture will reach the top surface spoiling the good kept on it. Mildew can be another hazel. Freezing of moisture on the floor brings about cracks in the floor.

Fracture develop in concrete with the passage of time.  It happens because the slab sustains partly variation in temperature, moisture and settling. It can be made more presentable through use of coloured cement paste.

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