Factors to consider when selecting discounts brokers in India

Factors to consider when selecting discounts brokers in India

It is quite true that discounts brokers’ help you trade in the stock market at rock bottom rates. They help everyone to open the account and to purchase the sock without breaking the bank account. But this doesn’t mean that you can blindly select any of the discount brokers since the trading account plans, services and rates of brokerage can differ from one broker to another. You can make a close comparison of different leading brokers to select the right one. These factors help you a lot in your effort.

Brokerage charges

This may be the most important factor to consider executing trades at minimal charges to save a good amount on trading fee.  TopDiscount Brokers Indiaprovide interesting plans for the traders to select from. They help you select the right plan that better match the nature and frequency of trades. It is quite common that some brokers apply hidden charges. So make a double check and have a sound discussion with the broker before selecting the plan.

Free account – Is it really free

There are brokers to offer you with a free trading account. But, is it really free? You need demat and trading account to execute the trades. Demat account is where you keep your financial products including stocks, shares and more in electronic format and trading account is where the exact trade happens in terms of monetary value. Some brokers provide free demat account when others provide a free trading account. They can collect charges like account opening charges, annual maintenance charge and more for any of the accounts or both. So make a deep look and select demat trading account that helps you save amount on both opening and maintenance.


It is known that discount brokers do not provide any investment advice. But they provide better customer assistance, research tools, and educational tools. Have a look at the additional services provided by the discount brokers rather than buying and selling the stocks on behalf of you. There are reputed online discount brokers to provide you with the latest report and news on stock market happenings for free of cost to keep you updated. Also make sure that they have live support channels like phone, email, live chat, etc.

Good product range

Generally, popular discounts brokers provide the clients with good product ranges to trade including equity, Futures & Options, currency, commodities, mutual funds, IPOs and more. This helps the traders to develop a diversified portfolio to minimize the risks and to earn good profits rather than losses.

Online trading platform

Everything is carried out online in the stock market. So, the importance of a well-designed and developed online trading platform cannot be ignored. This helps you to better manage your account and to engage in easy and fast stock trades. Leading Discount BrokersIndia provide the best online trading platforms with advanced features and latest research tools to help you in taking the right decision at the right time to generate profits frequently from the stock market. Now, switch on your computer and select the best discount brokers in the country who can turn the stock market the money generating machine for you.