Quality Assurance for your Eyelash Packaging Wholesale


Getting your product packaging printed in bulk quantity is time and money saver. However, no matter how reliable your packaging service provider is, the quality of your boxes need to be vetted to avoid any issues. Many printing companies give less count when you order hundreds or thousands of packaging boxes. There are others that might compromise on the quality of printing material and so on. While entrusting the task of wholesale printing to a service provider, you need to be proactive checking all the processes from design to shipping. Don’t sit back and relax as it can cost you double the money if any of the elements like production or design isn’t up to your expectations and needs. Many printers claim to have quality assurance experts onboard who check the finishing of every packaging item, if you manage to find such a printing partner, prefer their services. Here are some easy ways to do QA of your eyelash packaging!

Order a Sample for your Eyelash Box        

Even if you have explained the artwork and text details quite expediently, or uploaded the design file, it is always better to get a sample box printed. Tell your printing service provider to send you a sample packaging box and you can check the design errors, it can be misprints, the color of the logo and other details that you might not be able to get fixed later. So before ordering in bulk, make sure you have a detailed overview of the sample custom eyelash packaging. Share your feedback with the printer and get the printing and other mistakes fixed for your order. Many printers offer free sample products to their clients, if have signed up with such a printer you won’t have to push for sample packaging printed and sent to you.

Check the Finishing of Eyelash Packaging Box     

This one is really important as the material you have chosen might not be suitable for the kind of finishing you are looking for. So regretting it later won’t undo anything and the hundreds of boxes would stay there lying in your stock room. Check the finishing details for your eyelash packaging meticulously, if you don’t like the embossed logo or the matte finishing isn’t creating your desired effect, get the changes made for final product printing. This will save you and the printer a lot of hassle. Do have a detailed analysis of stock and combination of customizations before choosing them for your product boxes, eyelash extensions are extremely sensitive to harsh weather conditions, you need to be careful with the choice of material and finishing options.

Vetting Eyelash Packaging Wholesale for Scratches  

After receiving your ordered packaging box, count them and check the stock warily for any scratches and damages that can occur during shipping and handling.

A professional printer prefers sending the additional quantity of printed items to avoid such problems. If you receive the exact number of packaging boxes, inspect them as there might be slightly damaged pieces that you might not like to use for packaging and delivering products to customers.

Your custom eyelash packaging should have text details that are easily comprehensible and noticeable from a distance. Do make sure that the inks and techniques used in the printing process are up to the mark, otherwise misprints or overprints can occur.